Saturday, March 24, 2007


Yes, nakita na namin ang latest video ni Shakira at Beyonce. Napanganga nga kami dito sa When Baduy Happens - seriously, people, it takes a lot to render us speechless, but words are not enough to describe our collective astonishment over this... this... this spectacle.

Which reminds me... parang nakita ko na yata yung dance moves ni Beyonce dito sa video na ito. Seriously! Mukhang pamilyar yung choreography eh. Teka...

Wow, Beyonce, hindi ko pala alam na fan ka ng Eat Bulaga! Kaya pala eh. Sige na, aminin mo na na kahit anong gawin mo para tapatan si Manay Shakira eh hanggang TAKTAK pa rin yang katawan mo.

Which reminds me... Bey, ibalik mo na sa akin yung wetpaks ko, ha? Thanks.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Senyorita Bakekang Goes to MYX Music Awards 2007

It's so nice and exciting talaga for a socialite like me to attend an awards ceremony with people who belong to a lower social class than mine.Ay!It was so fabulous!It was really the best event that I have ever attended in my whole entire life.Even better than my escapades all over the world.It was held at AFP Theater in Camp Aguinaldo.We own the land and all of the people of that kampo there in Quezon City kaya I was able to get in without an invitation.The others they had to make pakita pa an envelope with invitation inside.EEEEKKKK!Can I vomit na here?I don't do that,EVER!I swear on my Valentino Gown that I wore last night.Face value lang ako palagi,ano?So I told my Manong Dudung to sundo me in one of my penthouse units here in the Philippines (FYI I have plenty kasi around the world eh) and bring me there.My bodyguards tagged along as usual.And since it's a big event,I brought 5 of them with me.That's the bilin of my Pahpah,he said I should always have 5 of them to keep me safe from gulo.Mamaya some gang might kidnap me pa.Oh yes we can afford the ransom naman.Tapos I also brought my stylist kasi I know I will bump into 5 of my rock star ex-boyfriends who are all nominated.And my yaya was there for moral support and in case some of the mortals there will make away me inside.You know,making sabunot and other nasty things to me because I'm so gorgeous.

So anyway I got there na in front of the building.As I stepped out of my stretch limo,I noticed that all of the artistas there were looking at me na.Even the camera crew and the reporters were tulala.Parang they were all mukhang basahan compared to me kasi with matching labandera attires pa.What can I do, it's common naman for me to wear designer clothes and look stunning.Dead malice.Ayan na the paparazzi and reporters lumapit sa akin they wanted to make interview and take pictures of me.Mabuti the bodyguards were alert and they made buhat me to get inside,like the same routine of the VIP dancers.Like that.Then the security detail of the building escorted me inside.They made me sit in the seat of my tito Gabby Lopez na because I'm more important than him daw.

Erik Santos is sooooo going to be my next boyfriend. He's so masculine and macho! Kakainggit naman cuz Rufa Mae had to make pilit for him to kiss her.

DREAMGIRLS: Philippine Edition.With Mau Marcelo as Effie and Yeng Constantino as Deena.I wish ako ang maging third member.

This is the best work-out song talaga!I love the Gutierrezes.Tita Anabelle please make reto naman your sons to me.Especially Richie because he's sooooooo talented.I want to be your daughter-in-law.

That's my Yaya Crispina and bodyguard Jonard.How kind naman of them to go up to the podium to announce that I made wee-wee lang at hindi ako nag walk-out.Nag-panic yung mga tao when I disappeared eh.

(Seriously,who are these people?---Arthur, Head Intern)

Ahhhhhh...Jojo Alejar my eternal flame.Eversince That's Entertainment baliw na ako with this cutie.He's more magaling pa than all of the members of Universal Motion Dancers and Streetboys.Please watch naman his talk show on RJTV.If you're still awake.

It's nice to see Keanna Reeves again.

ITO RAPADAAAAAAAAAASSSSSS!!!NEOCOLOURS!!!Eternal Flame #2.Mabuti na lang my crush was here to accept APO's award.Ito is twenty times hotter than APO!Love ya!

Wait lang...parang I've seen this top na before.Oh right!Sa table in one of the cafes in Paris.Galing naman this girl,she brought na the table napkin to the stage.Proper etiquette ah.Ready to eat dinner after.

Hey,Rachelle you look so FEET today!You should have worn Manolos kasi those cheap shoes are always masakit when you wear them too long.Stop buying na at Step Rite.

Are you crying because you didn't win? Or maybe Rachelle Ann told you to buy your cheap shoes where she buys them?Sakit ba tiyan mo?Tara, we need to go shopping together para naman you'll feel better na.I also want to be your new BFF eh.

And just in case you were wondering who the big winners are... here's the matching video. Aylavet! Whatta night!

(This just in: Ngayon na nakita na naming mga interns ang video na ito, parang gusto na namin samahan sina Meimei at Head Intern Shaun sa kanilang walang tigil na Beer Tasting and Bar Hopping Tour of Honolulu. Balak daw nilang dalawa na inumin ang lahat ng mga natitirang keg ng beer sa Honolulu pagkatapos maulanan ang St. Patrick's Day noong Sabado, kaya tutulungan namin sila sa kanilang pagpapakasenglot. Kung kayo nga hindi ninyo matiis na marinig ang tiliian sa mga videos ni Bakeks, eh paano naman kaming mga inuutusan niyang mag-edit ng blog na ito? In the words of a wise man: Tama na yan, inuman na! - Arthur, head intern)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

From the Lingua Franca Archive: Death Cab for Cueshe

Dear Fans of When Baduy Happens: As you may already have noticed, medyo naging busy si Bakeks and Meimei this week - Meimei with her papers and comp exams, and Bakeks with... whatever it is na palaging inaatupag ni Bakeks... kaya we decided to raid the archives of their Friendster blogs for recycled content. Nagkataon pa naman na malapit na ang Cueshe and Hale By Request sa Dish kaya naisip namin na i-revive ang entry na ito by special request. We hope you enjoy this, kahit na medyo napaiyak kami sa sarcasm ng entry na ito. Enjoy! - Shaun and Arthur, head interns

PS. This picture summarizes how we feel about this article...


WARNING: Article contains uncharacteristically high amounts of sarcasm and irony. To paraphrase the lyrics of a certain song: Lahat ng hindi matatawa sa entry na ito ay magigiba!

Alam ninyo, guys, love na love ko talaga ang Cueshe. First of all, kasi sila ang the best thing that ever came out of Cebu. Alam ninyo kung gaano ko ka-love ang Cebu, hindi ba? Atsaka napaka-original at napaka-cool talaga ng mga kanta nila. Sana din pala nakasama ako doon kay Bebang noong nagpunta siya sa 826 para makipagkilala sa banda; siguro kung nakasama ako noon eh sana naging groupie na nila ako. Pero ngayon, talagang sila na talaga ang pinaka-favorite kong banda, ngayon na nalaman ko na sila pala ang cover sa latest issue ng Pulp. Totoo! Nadaig pa nga nila 'yung mga gago sa Sandwich kasi hanggang interview lang sila, eh. (Raimund, hindi bagay sa iyo ang fedora! Ibalik mo iyan kay Kris Lawrence! Tse.)

(Note from Head Intern Shaun: Baby, akala mo ba mahal mo ako? BAKIT MO AKO GINAGANITO? BAKEEEETTTT?!?!? At syanga pala, si Mong yung nakafedora, hindi si Raims. Yown lang. *cries*)

Hay naku, I love this band. I want to marry them. In fact, sumama nga ako sa isang Yahoo! group para sa kanila because they feel the same way that I do about them. Cueshe is teh sex, people! CUESHE 4EVAH OMG!!111ELEVEN111!!!

Oo, alam ko kung anong iniisip ninyo. Kahit ipagsama sama mo pa sa isang kuwarto si Diego, Mcoy, Champ, at Yael - tapos idagdag ninyo pa sina Wentworth Miller, Peter Sarsgaard, and Ludacris - talsik sa buwan silang lahat kung ididikit ninyo sa kanila ang Cueshe. Lahat nga ng mga notebook ko, eh, may nakasulat na "Mrs. Meimei Justiniani Caballero." Wahahaha.

(Note from Head Intern Shaun, ulit: Si Diego MAPA ng Pedicab po ang tinutukoy ni Meimei dito. Get that? Diego MAPA, people, MAPA. Sigurado po ako diyan! *goes back to crying*)

Kaya, guys, kung binabasa po ninyo ang blog ko, sana malaman ninyo na labs na labs ko kayong lahat, ha? Atsaka kung sakali man na magko-concert kayo sa pag-uwi ko next year, paki-play lang ang mga kantang ito para sa akin, kasi kung gagawin ninyo po ito eh malalaman ko na labs din ninyo ako. OK? Thanx!!!

Kisses, MEIMEI

PS. Good luck sa Guam gig ninyo, 'k? Sayang at hindi kayo makakapunta dito!



Hell Bent for Leather (Judas Priest)
Katawan (Hagibis)

The Stroke (Billy Squier)

Been Caught Stealing (Jane's Addiction)

Girl You Know It’s True (Milli Vanilli)

Kailan (Smokey Mountain)

Barbie Girl (Aqua)

Fastlove (George Michael)

Bump N’Grind (R. Kelly)

Some Guys Have All The Luck (Rod Stewart)

Easy Tonight (Five for Fighting)

Too Close (Next)

This Masquerade (Leon Russell/ George Benson)

Lola (The Kinks)

Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong (Spin Doctors)

Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman? (Bryan Adams)

Bakit (Jessa Zaragosa)

Tonight I Celebrate My Love (Roberta Flack)

Man! I Feel Like A Woman (Shania Twain)

The Boy is Mine (Brandy and Monica)

Queer (Garbage)

Who Are You (The Who)

I’m Coming Out (Diana Ross)

Let’s Hear it For The Boy (Deniece Williams)

Trapped in the Closet (R. Kelly)

The Sign (Ace of Base)

Hiding Inside Myself (Kenny Rankin)

We Could Be In Love (Lea Salonga and Brad Kane)

My Ding-a-Ling (Chuck Berry)

Did I Shave My Legs For This? (Deana Carter)

Mr. Vain (Culture Beat)

Wiggle It (2 In A Room)

No Touch (Mike Hanopol)

Short Short Man (Gillette)

I Am What I Am (from La Cage Aux Folles)

Hollaback Girl (Gwen Stefani)

Trouble (Elvis Presley)

Amoy ng Papa (Sex Bomb)

All Things Just Keep Getting Better (Widelife f. Simone Denny)

Dude Looks Like a Lady (Aerosmith)

Supermodel (You Better Work) (RuPaul)

I-Shoot Mo Lang (Sexballs)

Is This It? (The Strokes)

ENCORE: The Greatest View (Silverchair) and Perfect (Simple Plan)

Originally published in Lingua Franca: A Blog in Taglish on November 4, 2006.